Hey there! Thanks for checking out our website and our church!


My name is Kevin Krieger and I have the honor of being the Senior Pastor of the Butteville Community Church. Take a look around and navigate through our website.  If there’s any questions you can email us info@buttevillcommunitychurch.org or give us a call 503-678-1188.  In the meantime let me briefly give you some info about the Butteville Community Church!


We are a growing church nestled in the beautiful community of Butteville, Oregon. Butteville is filled with a lot of Oregon history, in fact it was almost the state capitol of Oregon, but as we know Salem got that vote. We have two buildings, our awesome youth building (that’s the one you see from the road) and our newer Worship Center sits further in on our property.   


We have many wonderful ministries at the Butteville Church, including a thriving Youth Ministry program for ages kindergarten through 12th grade. Check out our calendar to see when each age groups meet! If you would like some more info don’t hesitate to ask!  


We are a worship community. We firmly believe that we are created by God to worship Him and be in awe of His glory and majesty. We sing, we laugh, we learn, and we have a lot of fun here. It is truly a privilege for us to be God’s people.  


When you walk into the Butteville Community Church you will be greeted with a smile and a “welcome.” When you come to this church, come just as you are, we are all equal in God’s eyes and that is how we treat each other, equally. We are known as a friendly Bible teaching church!


Our vision is to reach, to teach, and to glorify God. We recognize we all make mistakes and we also know that the God we worship is a God of grace and forgiveness. At Butteville Community Church you will find support and love...you won’t find condemnation.


We teach from the Bible because God’s word is our authority. We study it, we learn from it, and we put the teachings into practice to help give us peace and potential to be all that God would have us be.  


We are not a closed church. All are welcome here. We want to glorify God and reflect the glory and teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ as we live our daily lives.  

Our worship service starts at 10:30am on Sunday mornings. Come on by and worship with us, you won’t find a more caring, fun, and enthusiastic group!  


-Pastor Kevin Krieger